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Factory Heating Systems

Ross Muir Mechanical Services specialises in the Installation, service and repair of Industrial warm air heating.

With 20 years’ experience working as industrial heating engineers, we can install all manufacturers equipment to the highest standard.  Powrmatic, Reznor, Combat, Benson, Winterwarm, Ambirad, Space-Ray and more.  There are different applications of industrial commercial warm air heating.  As Gas safe industrial and commercial heating engineers, we can offer a service to survey and design your heating requirements by liaising with the client and assessing your needs.  This will allow us to choose which style of heating is suited best to you, whether it be gas radiant tube heaters, gas plaque heaters, gas cabinet heaters or suspended gas unit heaters.  We can install industrial warm air heating within many types of building, ranging from churches, car showrooms, film studios, engineering workshops, paint shops, mechanics garages, storage facilities and warehouses.  We provide nationwide service for the installation of Industrial warm air heaters.   

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Process Ovens

Along side the installation of our industrial warm air heating systems we offer the service and maintenance of gas fired burners or heat exchange modules for drying and heating processes.

This could be for powder coating equipment, such as a camelback or conveyor ovens, or a drying/curing process for leather book bindings within a box oven.  We can service and inspect lanemark, comtherm, riello, nuway and EOGB gas burners.

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