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Cold Water Booster Sets

Ross Muir Mechanical Services are experts at the installation, inspection and repair of cold water booster sets.  Cold water booster sets are a vital part of some buildings operation.  Without them operating efficiently the building may not have running hot and cold water at its outlets putting your staff or residents at risk.

Quarterly, bi annual or annual inspection can be organised to identify any issues before they cause complete failure, allowing any repairs to be planned in preventing downtime when you cant afford it.  Along with cold water booster sets we maintain all plant room equipment, such as pressure/expansion vessels, pressurisation units and sump pumps.  We can install, service and maintain all top manufacturers of cold water booster pumps and pressurisation units.  Wilo, DAB, Grundfoss, Lowara, IMP, Flamco, Mikrofill, Aquatech, Stuart Turner, Hamworthy, Spirotech.

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Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installation And Servicing

Unvented and vented hot water cylinders provide businesses across the country with hot water for hygiene purposes.  This could be for basic hand washing in an office bathroom, dishwashing in a commercial kitchen, or hot water supply to a cleaning process in a factory.

Whatever the reason, Ross Muir Mechanical Services can survey and design a hot water system that is specific to your requirements.  We cover a wide range if installations, from an undersink water heater for single to multiple sink feeds or to an Andrews Maxxflo unvented multi gas burner boiler providing hot water to larger usage buildings such as hotels.  These installations can include buffer tanks or plate heat exchangers dependant on the requirements.  All installations are completed by a G3 Unvented hot water competent engineer.


Thermostatic Mixing valves

Thermostatic mixing valves are provided as either TMV2 or TMV3 depending on the premises and occupants.

When installing a system that incorporates hot water storage, you will be required to store that hot water at temperatures of 65 degrees to prevent legionella forming.  This temperature can easily scald a person, particularly if they are young, frail, or perhaps unable to wash themselves.  To overcome that risk of scalding you can install Thermostatic mixing valves at each hot water outlet within the premises.  This will ensure the temperature is set for safe hand washing and bathing.  Thermostatic mixing valves should be serviced to ensure correct safe operation and prevent any injury.  We provide the installation of these valves in buildings such as nurseries and care homes, with regular checks being completed to adhere to health and safety.   

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Legionella Risk Assessment

As a Commercial Landlord or building owner you have a responsibility to have a legionella risk assessment carried out on your water systems.

This can help identify issues such as incorrectly fitted pipework such as dead legs, exposed water tanks, insufficiently heater water, faulty controls and more.  Identifying these issues is important as once legionella forms it can multiply very quickly.  The assessment will be carried out by an L8 Compliant engineer with a full report of any concerns or issues being supplied upon completion with the appropriate solution needed. 

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