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Commercial Gas Tightness Testing And Purging

We provide commercial gas tightness testing and purging for a variety of reasons.

Upon working on any commercial gas pipe, before and after, a gas tightness test will be carried out.  This ensures that before working on the pipework, there is no leaks, and after the pipe has been worked on it is safe to put back into operation.  Where a new pipe has been designed and installed, a commercial gas strength test and tightness test will be carried out prior to commissioning and purging through the gas, to ensure there are no flaws in the installation. Commercial gas tightness testing and purging is a standard task which we carry out regularly, although it can turn to a specialised task very easily.  We also cater for decommissioning commercial gas larger volume installations, which require additional specialised purging equipment and expertise to complete. 

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Gas Pipework Design And Installation

As commercial gas engineers, the designing of commercial gas pipework is a vital part of the job.

A poorly designed commercial gas pipe can cause At Risk situations and prevent the correct operation of your gas equipment, ultimately leading to costly repairs and downtime.  To prevent this, the time is spent liaising with the client to fully understand the requirements of their gas usage, at present and with future adaptions taken into consideration.  Commercial gas pipe installations can be expensive, so to get it right first time for the client is extremely important.  Correctly designing a commercial gas pipe by installing adequate isolation valves with purge points and test points will prevent down time in future maintenance situations and allow for adaptions to be made with ease. 

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Commercial Gas Safety Certificate, CP17

We provide CP17 commercial gas safety certificates on behalf of landlords, managing agents and facilities companies to keep their commercial properties in working order and adhering to health and safety regulations.

It is a legal requirement that all rented or leased commercial premises have a safety inspection completed once a year.  So far, we have carried out commercial gas safety certificates in pubs, hotels, retail, football stadiums, leisure facilities, industrial workshops, warehouses, commercial units, factories, airports, community centres, schools, churches and farms. 

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